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Conserve Energy

Heating and cooling account for 50-70% of the energy used in an average home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste. Even homes with fiberglass insulation may have gaps around window frames, pipes, vents and other areas that permit air leakage. Polyurethane foam actually outperforms fiberglass insulation; it air-seals the home, conserving energy and boosting the efficiency of air conditioners. The result – lowered heating/cooling bills.

Why Foam?

Polyurethane foam insulation stops household air infiltration by expanding to fill cracks and gaps where standard insulation is ineffective. It forms an airtight, weather-resistant bond that effectively seals drafts while boosting the efficiency of air conditioners and furnaces. Simply put, foam insulation helps to create a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Stop Drafts

Poor insulation can leave a home drafty with uncomfortable hot and cold spots. Polyurethane foam insulation helps to eliminate unwanted drafts and maintain a more uniform interior temperature year-round.

Block Insects and Other Pests

Polyurethane foam expands to fill cracks and gaps that insects and other pests could use to gain entrance to your home.

Reduce Dust and Other Allergans

Also, adding foam insulation to the home's exterior envelope reduces household air infiltration, limiting the amount of dust and other irritants that can cause allergies to flare up during those tough spring and summer days.

Get More Peace-and-Quiet

Polyurethane foam insulation is also an effective barrier to noise pollution. It limits the amount of street noise that can permeate your home.

Add Value when Renovating

If you’re renovating – whether it’s building a room addition, installing siding or upgrading windows – adding insulation during renovation is less costly and more efficient than trying to do it later. Today’s prospective buyers are concerned with the increasing cost of utilities and place a high value on homes that are energy efficient.

Utility Programs

N-STAR and National Grid customers get up to a $1500.00 rebate check and customer could be eligable for a federal tax credit.


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