Energy Rebates / Federal Tax Credits

The U.S. Economic Stimulus Package, officially called the 'American Recovery and Reinvestment Act', has increased the previous tax credit for home improvements from 10 percent to 30 percent of the cost, and increased the maximun amount of the credit from $500.00 to $1500.00.

The Air-Tight Retrofit program offers comprehensive support which includes access to experts that manage custom energy reduction rebates and incenticves for federal, state and local agencies.

Finding rebate and incentive dollars available to homeowners is an important part of the AirTight Retrofit Program.

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An AirTight Retrofit Home is a great benefit for you, your family, and the enviroment. By properly sealing your home you reduce the amount of oil that is needed to produce electricity and the carbon emitted into the enviroment. You reduce your energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.


Rebates and Promotions

Residential Programs


COOLAdvantage and WARMAdvantage Programs
Cash rebates are available for energy efficient heating and cooling equipment such as central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers or water heaters

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has received approval from the federal government to offer New Jersey residents additional incentives on high efficiency heating and cooling equipment.  The incentives for heating equipment are now availableThe rebates for cooling equipment are effective April 1, 2010.


NJCEP Online Lighting Store
New Jersey' s Clean Energy Program has an online store, which offers ENERGY STAR qualified lighting like compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and lighting fixtures.  Save energy, money and the environment by ordering energy efficient lighting products today.  Access our online store and receive free shipping on orders over $25. 


Home Energy Analysis
An online tool to help residential customers understand their home energy use and take steps to save energy and save money. The analysis is linked to incentives and ENERGY STAR rebates.


Energy Efficient Products
This program offers rebates on ENERGY STAR clothes washers and a rebate on ENERGY STAR dehumidifiers, as well as promoting the sale of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products through major NJ retailers. 

Additional rebates are now being offered for the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators or while funds last.   


New Jersey ENERGY STAR Homes
Rebates for energy efficient new home construction that target Smart Growth Areas.  New Jersey ENERGY STAR Homes are at least 15%-35% more energy efficient than standard built homes.  


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
This program offers contractors certified by the Building Performance Institute who will come to your home and identify sources of wasted energy.  You will receive a detailed plan with recommended measures, costs and payback analysis.  Low interest financing is also available.  


New Jersey Comfort Partners
Improves energy affordability for income-eligible households.  If you qualify, a contractor will assess the energy savings opportunities and install the measures at no cost.  The program also provides personalized customer energy education and counseling.


Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Program
The Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling program is an initiative from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.  This program promotes responsible recycling of refrigerators and freezers in New Jersey and offers a $50 incentive.


Solar Domestic Water Heater
Save money and help the environment by using less fossil fuel!
A solar domestic water heating system is a reliable and efficient alternative for heating your water. A $1,200 incentive is now available to New Jersey residents with electric water heating that install qualifying solar water systems to replace or to supplement their existing system.


Commercial, Industrial and Local Government Programs


New Jersey SmartStart Buildings Program
Provides financial incentives, design support and technical assistance for energy efficient measures including high-efficiency lighting and lighting controls, heating and cooling equipment, water heating, motors and variable frequency drives. The program is available to address the new construction and renovation needs of businesses, schools, municipalities and other commercial and industrial facilities


The Local Government Energy Audit is available to qualifying local governmental and non-profit entities. The program provides reimbursement for investment grade energy audits by a prequalified network of energy auditing firms.


Existing commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family buildings with peak demand over 200 kW in any of the twelve preceding months are eligible to participate in the Pay for Performance Program.  This comprehensive, whole-building approach to energy efficiency starts with an Energy Reduction Plan developed by an Energy Expert selected from our network of Program Partners.


TEACH Teaching Energy Awareness with Children’s Help) is a program available to public K-12 grade schools in New Jersey. TEACH provides benchmarking for the schools coupled with an educational program for its students and faculty.


Direct Install is a newly launched program directed at customers whose peak demand did not exceed 200kW in any of the preceding twelve months. The program includes a walk through energy assessment by a prequalified contractor to determine which energy measures might qualify for installation. The program will pay up to 60% of the installed cost (parts and labor) for those qualified measures.


Sector Specific services are now available through the New Jersey's Clean Energy Program. The services are designed to help specific customer segments (institutional, multifamily, higher education, industrial, hospitality, municipal and commercial) understand how to leverage the suite of commercial and industrial incentives available for energy efficiency measures. One of those services includes benchmarking of the customer’s facilities to determine if it might benefit from upgrades.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Program
Offers incentives on various types of CHP units designed to enhance energy efficiency through on-site power generation with recovery and productive use of waste heat. CHP is now offered as part of the Pay for Performance Program.


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding is now available.

  • Local governments may be eligible for Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG) of up to $20,000.
  • ARRA funding is also available to commercial and industrial customers of municipal electrics and rural electric cooperatives as well as to C&I customers heating with oil or propane. Visit the Non-IOU web page for details and an application package.

Renewable Energy Programs


Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP)
Provides rebates that reduce the upfront cost of installing renewable energy systems like solar, wind, and sustainable biomass projects.


SREC Registration Program (SRP)
Is used to register non-rebated solar projects in New Jersey.  Registration of the intent to participate in NJ's solar marketplace provides market participants with information about the pipeline of anticipated new solar capacity and insight into future SREC pricing.


Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive (REMI)
Provides rebates to New Jersey residents, businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations that purchase and install solar panels, inverters, and racking systems manufactured in New Jersey. 


SREC Tracking System
Each time a system generates 1,000 kWh of electricity an SREC is earned and placed in the customer's electronic account.  SRECs can then be sold on the SREC tracking system, providing revenue for the first 15 years of the system's life.


Clean Power Choice Program
Statewide program that allows you to choose clean, renewable sources of energy for New Jersey, through a small charge on your monthly electric bill.


Utility Financing Programs
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has approved innovative financing programs at three of the state’s electric utilities to support the installation of solar photovoltaic systems that produce clean renewable electricity for customers’ onsite use. 


EDA Programs
Whether you are a New Jersey-based company or institution "going green", a manufacturer of clean energy systems or products, or an innovative company developing new, green technology, New Jersey may have financing and incentive programs to help.


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