Why Spray Foam?

Polyurethane foam insulation stops household air infiltration by expanding to fill cracks and gaps where standard insulation is ineffective. It forms an airtight, weather-resistant bond that effectively seals drafts
while boosting the efficiency of air conditioners and furnaces. Simply put, foam insulation helps to create
a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.


INSULATION should add value to energy savings, sustainability, air quality, safety, durability, and comfort.

The value of spray insulation is recognized during the application process. The materials are spray-applied and adhere to any substrate that it comes in contact with; filling every crack and crevice along the way.

Creating an "airtight" building envelope is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption. AirTight spray foam insulation provides a great thermal and moisture management system.

There are two types of materials available in the spray foam insulation industry. Open-cell and closed-cell spray polyurethane foam systems — AirTight offers them both. Plus, we have created a special cold weather formula to extend the application season for our AirTight Licensed Applicators. And we also added an orange pigment to the foam to help signify the uniqueness of an AirTight Project.

  • SPF reduces energy use in buildings beyond its stated R-value because SPF:

    • provides a continuous barrier
    • prevents moisture infiltration through air leakage
    • minimizes dew point problems and condensation
    • avoids thermal bridging
    • resists heat movement in all directions
    • provides reliable performance under varying condition

Advanced Insulation Systems uses only the highest qualitiy energy star & US green building council approved spray foam.

Advanced Insulation Systems offers free consultations to help clients decide which spray foam insulation is the best solution. We are capable of servicing the smallest local contracts to the largest residential and commercial jobs throughout the Tri-State area. Advanced Insulation Systems is a family run company that prides itself on high knowlege and craftsmanship. An owner is always on site during installation and available to you after installation of your spray foam.

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